Difficulties Faced by Zambian Small-scale Farmers in Marketing Their Agricultural Merchandise

Agro market institutionalization is one other aspect which is lacking substantial support within the Zambia set up. Marketplace for agro merchandise in Zambia is such an important facility among those needed facilities however regrettably, it is nearly lifeless. As a rule the business producers have access to one of these market as supermarkets have specified quality and amount of merchandise that almost all smallholder farmers fail to fulfill. Small-scale farmers absorb the bigger a part of inputs and produce the bulk raw supplies that feed the processing industry. These middlemen who include mates and shut family members promote the agricultural produce in city areas and this is commonly at a much larger value. The general public-private partnership strategy in the advertising and marketing of farm produce has failed to bridge the gap created by the collapse of government-supported establishments. At the moment, a number of the companies such as product marketing and veterinary companies that previously was once offered to farmers need to be cost shared with farmers.

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