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Characteristics of the slot

Spaceman Game Review

The burst (bustabit) mechanics has not yet managed to conquer the online slots community, but new releases appear regularly. Usually they come from less well-known developers than Pragmatic Play, so Spaceman aroused our curiosity from the very beginning. The graphics are pretty simple compared to their usual slots presentation, but in the crash/explosion game genre, the audiovisuals look advanced.

Wrestling greed with FOMO (“fear of missing out”) is a nerve-wracking business, not least if you’re going to increase your betting multipliers. As we noted at length in our 1000x Busta review, the concept of crashing kind of flips the brain circuitry of the pleasure center over that of the regular slot reward system. In other words, it’s the perfect palate cleanser, and Spaceman comes with a “50% cashout” option, customizable automatic payout levels, multiplayer chat, and a solid 5,000x max win.

Game Features Spaceman

Each round begins after you have selected your desired bet within a certain time and clicked the Confirm Bet button. Cosmonaut Spaceman takes off like a space superman and the bet multiplier grows the faster the higher he goes. The multiplier starts at 1x, and it slowly increases to 5,000 times the winnings.

You have a bet to make (from £/€1 to £/€100), and you can also set an automatic withdrawal limit ranging from 1.01x to 4,999.99x. This is probably a good idea since you can manually cash out at any time anyway. Of course, the spaceship can crash at any time, which makes the whole space journey quite stressful.

When the game round starts, you will see 2 new buttons come into play. These are the Cashout and Cashout 50% buttons. The goal of the game, of course, is to cash out before the Cosmobile crashes, as this is the only way to win money. Cashing out 50 % is a way to secure at least a small win, allowing the Spaceman to continue on his way, increasing the multiplier.

You should also keep in mind that the Spaceman can crash at the very beginning, even before the 1x multiplier has moved an inch. This means that you and all other players lose your bet completely. In other words, it does not pay out 1x your bet. You can set both a 50% autocash limit and a 100% autocash limit if you wish.

Bonuses for playing Spaceman

Bonuses and Freespins to the account when topping up at 1xBet

100% bonus to the main account. 30% Cashback in all Pragmatic Play slots.

Spaceman slot download on Android and iOS

Pragmatic Play thinks about its players. For example, Spaceman is designed with new features that meet the requirements of any modern gamer. The basic html5 makes it possible to play on the go on tablets and cell phones, regardless of the operating system. Loading times on both Android and iOS are very fast. While enjoying the slot on your mobile device, you can also scale the interface to fit comfortably on your screen.

Where you can play Spaceman slot

Perhaps you’ve read enough about this game to be ready to try playing it. You can do so right here. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to test out the free demo game Spaceman, or are you ready to play for real money at an online casino.

Play for real money

We regularly scan all the casinos, which, among other things, means that we always know what games they offer. If you click on the link below, you’ll be taken to the top of this page. Here you’ll find a good selection of reliable and licensed casinos where you can play Spaceman right now with a nice welcome bonus.

Play the free demo version

If you’re not ready to risk your money yet, don’t worry, we have a great solution for that as well. You can follow the link below, and it will take you to the beginning of the page. Here you will be able to play a free demo version of this exciting game. That way, you can familiarize yourself with it before you risk anything. Follow the link to play the Spaceman demo for free.

Bottom line

The interesting concept of the crash game is that its appeal is much the opposite of what attracts players to regular slot games. Instead of hoping for a “gold mine” around the next corner, you are on guard, trying to avoid a loss that could happen at any moment. What sets Spaceman apart from many similar games, and especially from the more primitive earlier versions, is the improved audio-visual experience.

The basic concept, as always, remains the same: Put your money out before you crash and burn. The auto withdrawal and 50% withdrawal options are certainly useful, and the multiplayer/chat element adds another level of excitement to the game. The pursuit of a big win of 5,000 can be nerve-wracking and costly, not least in the long run, since there is no consolation prize if you don’t cash out 50 %s before reaching that amount.

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