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BSBL IQ is always announcing new courses, adding new courses, and improving existing courses. Here is our current curriculum.

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Foundations of Analyzing Trackman, Flightscope and Yakkertech Datasets

The founder of Prospect Wire, Scoutcast and former liaison to MLB on behalf of Flightscope, Matt Bomeisl leads this course. Matt breaks down the three machines that are used in live-game data capture in MLB and the amateur level, and how to read, interpret, clean and analyze the data that is generated from these devices. Students can take the course on their own time and schedule and students will be notified via email when Matt is available conduct a screen share or Zoom meeting to answer any questions.


Scout School – Level I – Foundations of Scouting – presented by PROGRAM 15

Long time MLB scout and current CEO of Program 15 Jeremy Booth and long time MLB Scouting Bureau veteran Rick Oliver lead this course that breaks down the foundations to scouting in today's game. Students will read (and/or listen to audio), take quizzes, conduct 3-4 Zoom calls and complete a final exam for certification.

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Workload Management presented by KINETIC PRO

One of the brightest pitching minds in baseball that trains several of the top arms in MLB, Casey Mulholland (owner of Kinetic Pro Performance) leads this course. While many are trying to figure out the cause of arm injuries, Casey's Workload Management is one of the biggest step's forward that our game has today and something that every pitcher in the world should monitor.


Scout School – Level II – Application to Amateur Scouting – presented by Program 15

Once students have completed the foundational Level 1 Scout School, it's time to apply that knowledge and information. This course focuses on amateur scouting at the high school and collegiate level. This course transitions from reading, audio, and video to interactive video, writing reports and getting hands on to apply your knowledge.

Scout School Level IV

Scout School – Level IV – Application to International Scouting – presented by Program 15

Scout School Level V

Scout School – Level V – Application to Pro Scouting – presented by Program 15

Scout School Level III

Scout School – Level III – Application to the Draft and Player Development – presented by Program 15

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Recruiting Coordinator 101: Foundations of Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Making Offers

College head coaches and recruiting coordinators of all levels open up on how to piece together scholarship offers, recruit players, build a network and build a winning program through dynamic recruiting.


Advanced Hitting

After 12 years as a player, and 11 years as a manager and coach, Andy Barkett won the World Series in 2018 as the hitting coach with the Boston Red Sox. In this 1-2 week course, Andy goes through the advanced methods of hitting. The course contains about 7 hours of video, audio, and an additional 3 hours of written material and quizzes. Whether you are a player looking to learn more, or coaching baseball at any level - these advanced principles can be applied from the Big Leagues to college to high school.