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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on how complex the subject matter is, each course has a different length and track associated with it. On average, the typical course is 8-12 weeks.

All of the courses are optimized for mobile. However, the best way to take the course is to be engaged at your laptop or desktop with notepad ready.

We are currently working to add support in Spanish, and will look to add support for additional languages for every course.

Upon completing your course, you are awarded with an official Certificate of Completion. In that certificate there is an attachment that has the precise wording for how you are able to list it on your resume, social media channels, etc.

Within each course, there is a description that includes the instructor(s) and their background. 

Each course is designed to optimally instruct the student. In some cases, that includes reading, watching video and/or participating in conference calls or Zoom meetings. In the event that the course has required reading, we always try and include an audio version of the text so you can listen along in the car or while exercising.