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Welcome to Scout School.

BSBL IQ is proud to work with PROGRAM 15 to present the most comprehensive Scout School ever launched.

This Scout School is composed of 5 levels. This Level I course is the pre-requisite to enrolling in Level II.

A certification is awarded after the successful completion of each level. In total, a student could finish all five levels within a 6 month time period.

Our Scout School has been critically reviewed by front office personnel at the Major League level to vet the program. Whether you seek a career in scouting, analytics, recruiting, or player development – a scouting background is a tremendous way to bring value to any player or organization. There is a lot to learn in scouting, so we have broken up our Scout School into 5 levels of certification:

Certification LevelCourseOverviewEst Weeks
Level IIntroduction to ScoutingLevel I Certifications are awarded to individuals that show mastery of the foundations of scouting. This is the “book smart” phase. The student will show a mastery of all written concepts including: 20-80 scale, the 5 tools, terminology, phraseology, abbreviations, OFP, athletic markers, identifying projection, current/future grading systems, positive and negative comments, best practices, introduction to data’s role in the scouting process and more. 4-5 weeks
Level IIApplications to Amateur ScoutingLevel II Certifications are awarded to individuals that are able to apply the foundations of scouting to real life. This level focuses on amateur scouting (high school and college) and how those players are evaluated for the draft. The individual will show a mastery in using their eyes and ears to turn video into written reports. Additional topics include introduction to the draft, agents, sign-ability, HS vs college, and continues to touch on advanced projection and makeup. Prerequisite: Level I6-8 weeks
Level IIIApplications to International ScoutingLevel III Certifications are awarded to individuals that show a mastery in international scouting. This level focuses on International hot beds like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Bahamas and more. The student will show expertise on how to project and evaluate younger players, the mechanics of signing international players, and touches on details like the relationships with academies, handlers, travel issues, communication challenges, etc Prerequisites: Level I and II3-4 weeks
Level IVApplications to Pro ScoutingLevel IV Certifications are awarded to individuals that show a mastery in professional scouting. This refers to covering and valuing players already in pro ball. Topics include detailed evaluations, trade value, organizational value, player advancement, signs that a player has hit his ceiling or regressing, scouting big-leaguers on rehab assignments, and rolling in the greater use of data analytics into the scouting process. Prerequisites: Level I, II, and III.4-5 weeks
Level VApplications to the Draft and Player DevelopmentLevel V Certifications are awarded to individuals that show a mastery in all aspects of scouting and it’s applications to the MLB Draft and working with player development. Pre-requisites: Level I, II, III, and IV.4-5 weeks

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