Privacy Policy

Effective April 28th, 2020

Our Privacy Policy

At Scoutcast, LLC (herein referred to the domain, we are firmly committed to the privacy of our customers. This privacy policy details what information we collect from users and why, as well as how we securely store personal customer information.

How We Protect Personal Customer Information

All personal customer information we collect is stored on our secured server. You can recognize when information you are entering in is secured when you see a lock in bottom right of your browser and when you see that the beginning of the URL you are on is https:// as opposed to the normal http://. Customer information you enter is immediately transferred to our secured server utilizing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This information is encrypted through 128-bit SSL encryption, an industry leading encryption method in e-commerce encryption technology.

Information We Collect

Anyone over the age of 13 can set up an account with By setting up an account you’ll be able to purchase products, courses, post in our forums, post reviews, and more. When registering for a new account we collect a Username, Email address, password, and your first and last name. Your Email address & password are used for logging in to the site. Your username can also be used to log in and it is displayed when posting in our forums and your real name can be displayed when you post reviews. If you forget your password you can click the Forgot Password? link in the Log In box located in the left bar of each page and then enter in your Username and Email address so a temporary password can be sent to your Email account. We will also use your Email address for providing you with your order confirmation and other order updates. When registering you will have the option to receive occasional Emails from us.. You may opt out of our e-mail list during registration or at any other time thereafter. You also may be registered for our Community Forums. By default, adminstrators of the forum can send you Emails but other users cannot. You can modify forum Email options through the “My Account” link in the forums. When you shop with us we collect your billing address, shipping address, and phone number. To place an order you must enter your credit card information, and it is instantly sent to our payment processor for immediate order confirmation. To protect the security of your credit card information we do not store any credit card-related information on our servers. Therefore you will have to re-enter it each time you place an order. In addition to securely storing your customer information we also securely store your order history. By logging into your account you’ll be able to change your customer information and review the details of your orders. All this information is stored on our secured server. All customer information we collect is encrypted and stored securely and is not shared with other parties. links to many other sites for products and resources, but we are in no way responsible for the privacy practices of the websites we link to. Our Use Of Cookies Cookies are small files that are transmitted to your computer through your web browser.

BSBL IQ utilizes a 3rd party service for identity verification called “Token of Trust”. Token of Trust is an industry leader in identity verification. This is critical for our Certification Courses to know the person earning the certificate is in fact who they claim to be. BSBL IQ, Scoutcast LLC nor our partners, affiliates, nor instructors outside of Token of Trust have access to this information. Please refer to Token of Trust’s privacy page for their terms here. uses cookies to allow you to remain logged in when you return to our site and to maintain items in your shopping cart as you use our site. No personal customer information is stored in these cookies. To ensure the proper functionality for using our site it is recommended that you accept cookies. Although if you turn cookies off you can still log in to our site and use our shopping cart.